Accommodation :  All students are expected to share rooms during school trips. 

Teachers : Teachers will ordinarily have their own rooms and are sometimes asked to share a room with another teacher of the same gender. (This policy is not rigid and and varies from school to school).

Medical Insurance and Emergencies :  
 All participants including teachers are covered by our insurance in cases of emergencies. All parents and guardians are required to sign an affidavit for travelling students prior to the trip giving authority for the initiation of first Aid, hospital and clinic transfers. We cover for Emergency response and transportation to a medical facility. Traveller's travel insurance will have to kick in for prolonged hospitalisation.

Activities : Our activities appearing on, any given and agreed on, Itineraries are covered for both students and teachers. If we miss out on an activity due to weather or any natural occurrence, an alternative Activity will be used to replace the missed one. If an activity is missed due to negligence on our part eg lateness or delayed bookings, a full refund in the currency of that activity will be done. Non paying participants will not be refunded.

Teachers Stipend :  We thrive on a student teacher ratio of 15 students to a teacher, that enables us to pay a flat stipend of R1000.00 to all teachers for all our South African and Namibian Trips. Stipends are paid in the currency of the country being visited. Our staff members are under instruction not to give instruction to students and Teachers are expected to ensure that students are at particular places at pre-agreed times to ensure the efficient running of a tour.  

Food  : When travelling we provide fast food such as KFC, Nandos, Debonnaires Pizza, Hungry Lion, and Chicken Licken. We also provide prepared breakfast at all the lodges and or hotels that we may be staying at. All our trips include at least one Braai night for the students.