requirements for students travelling image
Requirements for Educational Excursions 

Documents :
  • Valid Passport
  • Unabridged Birth (certificate certified copy).  
  • Affidavit from Botswana Police Service by BOTH parents authorising Teacher to take child across the border.
  • Both Parents Omangs or Indemnity documents. (certified copy).       
  • Signed indemnity document to indemnify the School and its employees and contractors. 
Pocket Money:
This is at the discretion of the parents but we recommend between P300 and P500 pula, All Meals will be provided so this money will not be for food.

Electronic Devices:
We do not recommend that students bring electronic devices such as cell phones, video games, laptops, Ipads etc., However if they must, it should be limited to ONE device and neither the school nor the transporters will be held responsible for loss or damage to such devices. Parents have to understand that it is the sole responsibility of the child to look after such devices.

Allergies and Medication:
All allergies must be declared on the affidavit that will be provided. Any illnesses or ongoing medical dispositions must be declared and proper instructions given to accompanying teachers through the school to ensure proper and adequate administration of required medications during the trip.

Bedding and Clothing:
Bedding will be provided at all places of accommodation, however students might want to carry a fleece blanket to cover themselves in the bus when transiting.
Students should carry clothes suited for outdoors such as jeans, t-shirts, tracksuits and takkies, Fancy clothing such as princess dresses should be avoided. These should be carried in a small suitcase suitable to carry clothes to last for 6 days. Huge suitcases are not recommended. Small sports bags are welcome.

Parents should ensure that all students carry toiletries, towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, roll on, etc. Sanitary wear should also be included where necessary.
Meals: Students will be provided with three meals per day and each meal will include a juice, water or drink. Meals provided will be lodge prepared breakfast and dinner. There will also be a selection of fast foods such as KFC, Hungry Lion, Debonaires Pizza, Steers, Nandos, Chicken Licken.

Example Meal Plan  For Kasane Victoria Falls

    BreakfastLunch            Supper
Day One KFC Bucket for one and JuiceChicken Licken Lunch Meal
Fizzy Drink
Sphaghetti & Mince and Green Salad juice
Day TwoBread, Scrambled eggs, Beans, Sausage. Tea /CofeeMacaroni and Beff Stew and potato egg salad and JuiceRice and Chicken and two salads and a drink
Day ThreeBread, Eggs, Mince, Beans, Tea /Coffee,

Day FourCereals with Milk Fruits and Juice. Coffee /TeaChicken Inn Two Piecer Chicken and Chips & Fizzy DrinkBraai, Pap, Bread Rolls Voroso and Beef, Two Salads
Day FiveCereals,Bread, Eggs, Beans, Tea Coffee,Nandos quarter Chicken and Chips